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2017年职称英语综合类B级考试补全短文专项演习(一) -考试神奇网

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内容摘要:本文导航 第1页补全短文 第2页参考谜底 2017年职称英语综合类B级考试补全短文专项演习(一)阅读下面的短文,每一篇文章中有 5处填空,文章后面有 6组文字,请根据文章的内容选择 5组文字,将其分别放回文章原有的位置,以恢复文章的原貌。A Record-Breaking Rover考试宝典:[职称英语考试宝典[免费下...
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阅读下面的短文,每一篇文章中有 5处填空,文章后面有 6组文字,请根据文章的内容选择 5组文字,将其分别放回文章原有的位置,以恢复文章的原貌。

A Record-Breaking Rover



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  NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity has boldly gone where no rover has gone before—at least in terms of distance. ____1____

  On July 27, after years of moving about on Martian ground, the golf-cart-sized Opportunity had driven more than 24 miles, beating the previous record holder—a Soviet rover sent to the moon in 1973.

  “This is so remarkable considering Opportunity was intended to drive about 1 kilometer and was never designed for distance,” says John Callas, the Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager.

  ____2____ “But what is really importantly is not how many miles the rover has racked up, but how much exploration and discovery we have accomplished over that distance.”


  The solar-powered Opportunity and its twin rover, Spirit, landed on Mars 10 years ago on a mission expected to last 3 months. ____3____

  Spirit stopped communicating with Earth in March 2010, a few months after it got stuck in a sand pit. But Opportunity has continued to collect and analyze Martian soil and rocks.

  During its mission, Opportunity has captured, and sent back to Earth, some 187,000 panoramic and microscopic images of Mars with its cameras. ____4____


  The rover doesn’t seem to be ready to stop just yet. If Opportunity can continue on, it will reach another major investigation site when its odometer hits 26.2 miles. ____5____

  Researchers believe that clay minerals exposed near Marathon Valley could hold clues to Mars’s ancient environment1. Opportunity’s continuing travels will also help researchers as they plan for an eventual human mission to the Red Planet.


  Mars rover n. 火星车

  panoramic adj. 全景的

  odometer n. 里程计

  rack up v. 积累

  microscopic adj. 微观的


  A It has also provided scientists with data on the planet’s atmosphere, soil, rocks, and terrain.

  B He works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

  C Scientists call this site Marathon Valley, because when the rover reaches the area, it will have traveled the same distance as the length of a marathon since its arrival on Mars.

  D Opportunity has been working on Mars since January 2004.

  E The objective of the rovers was to help scientists learn more about the planet and to search for signs of life,such as the possible presence of water.

  F Since arriving on the Red Planet in 2004, Opportunity has traveled 25.01 miles, more than any other wheeled vehicle has on another world.

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