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2017年职称英语综合类B级考试补全短文专项演习(二) -考试神奇网

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内容摘要:本文导航 第1页补全短文 第2页参考谜底2017年职称英语综合类B级考试补全短文专项演习(二)阅读下面的短文,每一篇文章中有 5处填空,文章后面有 6组文字,请根据文章的内容选择 5组文字,将其分别放回文章原有的位置,以恢复文章的原貌。The Apgar Test考试宝典:[职称英语考试宝典[免费下载]考试题库:职称英...
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阅读下面的短文,每一篇文章中有 5处填空,文章后面有 6组文字,请根据文章的内容选择 5组文字,将其分别放回文章原有的位置,以恢复文章的原貌。

The Apgar Test



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  The baby was born at 3:36 p. m. At 3:37, she scored 4 out of 10 on her first test. At 3:41, she scored 8 out of 10. The doctor was glad.

  Another baby, born at 8:24 p. m., scored 3 out of 10 on his first test. He scored 4 out of 10 on his second test. He took another test at 8:34 and scored 5. ___1___ He called for help1.

  These newborn babies took a test called the Apgar test. This test helps doctors diagnose problems. ___2___ Most babies take two tests. The first is at 1 minute after birth, and the second is at 5 minutes after birth. If a baby’s score at 5 minutes is less than 6, the baby takes another test at 10 minutes after birth.

  The Apgar test is not an intelligence test. It’s a test that shows a baby’s health right after it is born. The Apgar test measures things such as a baby’s color, heart rate, and breathing. The test has five parts, and the score for each part can be 0, 1, or 2. ___3___

  A doctor named Virginia Apgar developed the test. Apgar went to medical school at Columbia University in New York City in 1929. She faced many challenges because she was the first woman in the program. However, she was one of the best students in her class. After medical school, she started treating patients2.

  Apgar also became a researcher in anesthesiology, a new topic in medicine at the time3. During her studies, she learned how to give patients anesthesia. ___4___

  In the 1940s, many women started to have anesthesia when they gave birth. Apgar had a question: How does anesthesia affect newborn babies? In 1949, when Apgar was a professor at Columbia’s medical school, she created her simple test. She wrote a paper about her methods in 1953. Soon after, people started using the Apgar test around the world.

  In her work, Apgar saw that many newborns had problems. She wanted to help these babies survive. She stopped practicing medicine in 1959, and she went back to school to get a master’s degree in public health. ___5___

  Today, the Apgar test is still used all over the world. Newborn babies don’t know it, but Virginia Apgar is a very important person in the first few minutes of their lives.


  A Doctors add the scores together for the total Apgar score.

  B She spent the rest of her life doing research and raising money to help newborn babies.

  C A score of 10 is uncommon.

  D The doctor was worried.

  E They decide if a baby is normal or needs special care.

  F Anesthesia is a procedure that makes patients lose consciousness, so they do not feel any pain during surgery.

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