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2016职称英语卫生a概括大意真题及谜底 -考试神奇网

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内容摘要:  第3部分:概括大意与完成句子(第23——30题,每题1分,共8分)   下面的短文后有2项测试义务:(1)第23——26题要求从所给的6个选项中为第2——5 段每段选择1个最佳标题;(2)第27——30题要求从所给的6个选项中为每个句子确定1个最佳选项。  SleepWell to Be Well  1 Doyou...


  下面的短文后有2项测试义务:(1)第23——26题要求从所给的6个选项中为第2——5 段每段选择1个最佳标题;(2)第27——30题要求从所给的6个选项中为每个句子确定1个最佳选项。

  SleepWell to Be Well

  1 Doyou often feel tired in the morning even though you’ve been in bed for seven oreight hours the night before? Like many people, you are not sleeping as much asyou think you are. In other words, your sleep efficiency is not that good.

  2 Sleepexperts define “sleep efficiency” as the percentage of time lying down that youare actually sleeping. According to explanatory journalism website vox.com, thescience of sleep efficiency is still young. There is no specific number forefficiency that’s been proven as linked to poor health. However, according to aNew York Times report about sleep quality, some experts estimate a roughballpark (范围) of 85 percent or above as a decent place to be.

  3 Shortwavelength blue light, emitted (放出) by the sun and by the screens of computers, iPads and smartphones,stops production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin (褪黑素) andmakes you feel more alert. Blue light tells your brain it’s daytime. Expertssuggest turning off your computers and smartphones one hour or at least 30minutes before bed.

  4 Goto bed and wake up at the same time, or relatively the same time, every day.Avoid binge sleeping (狂睡) on the weekend. Consistency is key to a good night’s sleep,especially when it comes to waking up. When you have a consistent wake-up time,your brain acclimates to this and moves through the sleep cycle in preparationfor you to feel rested and alert at your wake-up time.

  5 Oneof the biggest peaks in melatonin production happens during the 1 to 3 pm timeframe, which explains why most people feel sleepy in the afternoon. If youaren’t getting enough sleep at night, you’re likely going to feel anoverwhelming desire to sleep in the afternoon. When this happens, you’re betteroff taking a short nap (less than 30 minutes) than resorting to caffeine orstrong tea to keep you awake. A short nap will give you the rest you need toget through the rest of the afternoon, and you’ll sleep much better in theevening than if you drink caffeine or take a long afternoon nap.

  23. Paragraph 2 A    

  24. Paragraph 3 F    

  25. Paragraph 4 D    

  26. Paragraph 5 B    

  A. Definethe sleep related terms

  B. Takenaps

  C. Turnoff the devices emitting blue light

  D. Keepa consistent sleep schedule

  E. Improvesleep quality

  F. Avoidblue light at night

  27. The tiredness in the morning even aftermany hours in bed is due to D      

  28. Sleeping less than 85% of the timespent lying in bed might cause C       

  29. A lower production of the hormone melatoninis due to F  

  30. A strong desire to sleep in theafternoon is the result of B    

  A. along afternoon nap

  B. thepeak production of melatonin

  C. poorhealth

  D. lowsleep efficiency

  E. goodsleep efficiency

  F. exposureto blue light

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